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9 Wardrobe Must-Haves For Every Plus Size Women

Raise your hands if you have ever stood in front of your closet and wondered what to wear. Even if your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, it may feel like there’s not enough for you to choose from. For plus size women, it doesn’t just end there! When you step out to shop, you can’t figure out what will flatter your curves, either. But there is a solution to every problem. We’ve curated ideas of plus size fashion essentials that will save you. How? These must-haves will help you mix and match to form a stylish outfit for literally any occasion coming.

Read on to know these wardrobe must-haves for every plus size woman:

1. LBD

The ultimate wardrobe classic, the LBD is a timeless piece every plus size woman must own. From weekend parties to workwear, a black dress can amp up your look almost instantly. Black is a shade that will make you look slimmer, trendy, and dramatic all at once, without any extra effort.

From long to short and statement to cute black dresses, The Size Story has got you covered for any occasion. Whatever your style, make our black dresses for plus size women your go-to closet staple

2. Culottes

One thing that you must know is that culottes are very versatile, and they complement any figure or shape. Just like jeans, culottes come in different shapes and lengths, so it is important that you choose the right ones to suit your body shape as a plus size woman.

Culottes are flattering for women who have a curvy hourglass figure and even for plus size clothing as they are shaped like a skirt but are worn like trousers. This means you get the best of both worlds when it comes to style and comfort. Plus size culottes offer an excellent alternative to plus size jeans, giving us all a much-needed variety of styles

3. Well-fitted blazer

A blazer is indeed a chic addition to your closet! Wondering why? It adds more structure to an outfit without looking like a suit or outerwear. Add a silk blouse or feminine camisole underneath a fitted blazer for a dressy look or add it to a basic t-shirt or tank for a more fashionable casual look.

You can also explore a blazer dress from our new plus size clothing collection to give you a flattering fit. 

4. Casual t-shirts

A plus size t-shirt is a lovely fashion piece that can easily work with any outfit and occasion. You can feel free to choose from a peplum style, ruffle detailing, or flared sleeves to add a fun feminine touch. You can choose a solid neutral color to easily mix and match it with other clothes, but if you would like to have your t-shirt as a bright splash of color, make sure to choose something that can be worn effortlessly and at every event.

PS: If you are heavier in the tummy area, choose a v-neck style to draw eyes upward instead of focusing on the belly. If you have a large chest and feel uncomfortable with a visible neckline, try a boat neck style or a wide crew neck.

5. Jumpsuit

A 70’s fashion fad is now trending again! This one-piece style should be the hot favorite of every plus size woman. Yes, there is always a jumpsuit that will work for your curvaceous body and give you a dazzling look irrespective of the occasion. The only trick is to pick the right one, which will flatter your body type the right way. All you need to look out for is high quality fabric, good detailing, and interesting prints for your plus size body.

6. White button down shirt

A plus size white button-down shirt is a great choice for day or night. It can be paired with jeans or khakis for a clean casual look or paired with business wear for a professional look. It’s a great easy choice for those days you just don’t want to think about what you want to wear but still look great.

7. Belt

A woman’s belt means more than holding up just the pants. It’s a fashion accessory and can expand your wardrobe without purchasing anything new. You can wear a belt with almost anything; dresses, tunics, and blazers to start. If you’re a plus size woman, belts can cinch the right areas of your body to make you look slimmer and flattering. 

8. Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are a super flattering style no matter your shape or size. Wrap dresses for plus size women are super comfy, versatile and give you lots of options of how to wear them. 

9. Vertical pattern outfit

You may have often heard people saying “stick to solids, don’t experiment”. But, where’s the fun in that? Pick the correct pattern for your frame and trust us, vertical patterned t-shirts, dresses or jumpsuits look amazing for plus size women. They not only complement your body but also make you look taller, making people focus away from your curves. 😉

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