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5 Myths About Plus Size Dressing That Need To Be Busted RIGHT NOW

“Wear something that hides your problem areas”. If you’re a plus size woman, you may have heard this line more than once in your lifetime. The list of rules and tips people have for plus size women is never-ending, really! But, is it necessary to follow them? Nope! Many opinions come from previous conditioning that has taught society to idealize a certain body type. Don’t let them limit you and your personal style. 

If these myths have been keeping you away from dressing your best, we’ve got you covered and are here to dispel these myths. Read the article to know them:

1. Crop out crop tops

Seriously? A crop top is such a cool piece of clothing and looks good regardless of your shape and size! It is really just a myth if someone asks you plus size women to stay away from crop tops. Stop being conscious of your belly showing or anything at all. All that matters is you should be comfortable in it and are styling it right. In case you go for brunch with your babes, pair your crop top with a denim skirt and sneakers for the ideal OOTD.

2. Make black your bae

“Black will make you look slimmer” is not the real deal! Plus size clothing is available in all colors for a reason, after all. Dark or light, no matter what shade you prefer, you wear it! It’s that simple. Let your personality shine bright. 

LBDs or colorful plus size dresses, make them all a part of your closet. 

3. (Over) Size matters  

Have people often advised you to buy a size or two over your plus size clothing? Well, if you personally prefer the oversize clothing trend – that’s all great! But, if you are simply adopting it to hide your body under layers of clothes – you must stop! Instead, choose plus size clothes that fit you well and accentuate your curves. A fitted outfit will not only give your body structure, but will also make you appear more oriented.

4. Don’t make bikinis your buddies

All bodies are bikini bodies! Anyone can wear a bikini. Beauty is not about superficial looks but about how you feel from the inside. It is time to stop caring about what people say and start taking care of yourself. From neon to flared ones, every bikini style is acceptable as long as you’re comfortable in it. Go ahead, sit by the beach and get your tan on! 

5. Trendsetter? Nope, not you!

When it comes to plus size clothing fashion, women are expected to be happy with the same boring styles every single season. But hey, let’s bust this myth! Fashion trends aren’t made for specific body types. 

If shorts are a trend in summer, anyone can adapt it regardless of their size. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise. What is important is the fact that you keep up with your personal style and keep yourself open to experimenting – that’s when you’ll know what your preferences are! 

These are some of the myths about plus-size clothing that you must do away with. If you have heard of any more, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to debunk them.

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